Kebabs, Kebabs, Kebabs – We have the range

With a range of Kebabs including choices of Chicken or Doner meat, Pita or Naan’s, with or without our super tasty chips and a magnificent range of sauces and not forgetting our fresh optional salad. All freshly cooked, just how you like it!

Chicken or Doner Meat,
Chicken or Doner Kebab in Pitta,
Chicken or Doner Meat with Chips,
Chicken or Doner Meat in a Naan,
Mixed Meat and Salad in a Naan,
Chicken or Doner Burger,
Salad in a Naan,
Plain Naan, and
Salad in Pitta.

All Kebabs are served with salad and a choice of sauce.